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2D Animation Video Services in Darbhanga

Increase Your brand's Recognition with Frame Makerzzz Media Pvt. Ltd., one of the leaders in 2D Animation videos and a credible brand in the arena of 2D animation studios in India. We are a client centric 2D Animation studio in Darbhanga that offers top notch and in demand video production services, including 2D animated video development services, which add immense value to your brand.

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What is a 2D animation video?

2D Animated videos are developed with objects, characters, or assets on a two-dimensional flat surface measured by width and height (X and Y axes). They have no thickness, as they have an area but no volume. We at Frame Makerzzz use 2D Animation technique only for creating motion comic animation, 2D animated cartoons and 2D animated videos for marketing, also known as marketing videos, animated explainer videos, service advertising etc. We recommend to our clients that 2D animation videos are must have for any business that wants to have a strong online presence.

Frame Makerzzz has been catering to the needs of businesses in this domain for the last decade, and we are experienced in handling video production of any scale and complexity. To produce an excellent 2D animation video, we leverage the power of engaging storytelling and use high-quality and realistic human-like expressions and emotions to better connect with the audience.

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What are different types of 2D animation videos?

There are many different types of 2D animation videos, each with its own unique style and techniques. Here are a few of the most common:

There are many different types of 2D animation videos that we produce at Frame Makerzzz, each with its own unique style and techniques. Here are a few of the most commonly produced videos by Frame Makerzzz in the market.


1. Traditional animation

The traditional form of 2D animation is the oldest form of animation and despite massive digital transformation, it is still used in many popular cartoon series and movies. To produce such a style of animation we make multiple hand drawings frame by frame and later arrange them one after another to make one smooth video. The end result is extremely detailed, but due to its time consuming process, this is the most expensive style of 2D animation video.


2. Digital 2D animation

A Contemporary form of 2D animation is called digital 2D animation. Frame Makerzzz is well-versed in producing animations with this technology. It is almost similar to traditional 2D animation, except in this case we use industry standard software instead of manual hand drawn techniques. It is slightly cheaper than the traditional style and much faster.

fast time

3. Stop-motion animation

Stop motion animation is another form of 2D animation that is more popular in the advertising world. In this we click pictures frame by frame when we move different objects made of clay, wool etc. to make a seamless story. We use experienced clay and woolen artists, and not just that, we can use any real life objects like toys etc, to make a story. There is a different camera setup and experienced team in this style of video production is required to perform this task.


4. Typography animation

This type of animation uses text to create the illusion of movement. Typography animation can be used to create a variety of effects, from simple titles and credits to complex animations that tell stories. It is often used for websites, presentations, and marketing materials.

What are the Uses of a 2D Animated video?

2D animation videos have become one of the most preferred video styles among businesses across India. Professionally well-crafted 2D animation videos can help brands improve their visibility 75 times more on social media and grab the attention of audiences. A typical 2D animation video includes outstanding characters and color schemes, which can help convey the brand story and attract more customers.

As compared to 3D animation and live-action shoots, 2D animated videos are much cheaper, as the process of producing such videos is not complicated. Due to its less complex process, creating a 1-minute 2D animated video only takes 8–12 days, making it even more popular.

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Who Needs 2D Animated Videos?

In this ever growing world of digital content creation for marketing, it is at its peak. In this transformation 2D animated videos have emerged as one of the most popular choices for businesses. 2D animated videos offer a range of dynamic and engaging options to get your viewers to attention. Let’s see how various industries and individuals are taking advantage of 2D animated videos.


1. Businesses and Brands

We at Frame Makerzzz also advise businesses and brands of any scale looking to promote their products, services or just want to tell their brand story to use 2D animated videos as one of their marketing strategies. 2D animated videos are highly efficient at presenting complex ideas and concepts in a much simpler manner. Creating engaging and high quality content with a strong call to action can increase your ROI and revenue multifold.

online course

2. Educators and Trainers

Be it enormous brands from the education sector or individual trainers, 2D animated videos are in high demand for education content creators. Teachers take advantage of 2D animated videos to simplify complex concepts and break them down in the most creative way to make students understand the concepts better. Corporates can also utilize the power of 2D animation videos by producing high quality induction videos for new employees and more in depth training videos for experienced team members.


3. Marketers and Advertisers

As with growing digital content consumption, the attention span of consumers is getting shorter day by day, which has become a huge challenge for marketing and advertising agencies. 2D animation videos are no less than a blessing for them. Videos help grab the attention of the viewer and convey the message in just a few minutes. With a strong call to action, agencies are able to produce exceptional results for their clients.


4. Nonprofit Organizations

We at Frame Makerzzz come up with different strategies for different industries, and for non-profit organizations, we recommend great storytelling. Our team of talented artists with the help of 2D animation videos, conveys their message by using a high degree of emotions and expressions in 2D characters, which builds a strong connection with potential donors, volunteers and supporters.


5. Medical and Healthcare Professionals

Similar to other industries, medical sector including the pharmaceutical industry uses the power of 2D animated videos to educate consumers about their products and investors about their future plans. Doctors and surgeons use such videos to help patients understand the disease and its best treatment, as well as educate junior doctors and medical students.


6. Government and Public Services

Government departments can also use 2D animation videos to better communicate government policies and other regulations. Recently the State Transport Department Of Uttarakhand released multiple 2D animated videos on road safety


7. Entertainment Industry

2D animated videos are not just limited to the marketing of brands and businesses, such videos have become a very important part of the entertainment industry too. We at Frame Makerzzz produce high quality animated cartoon shows and series, shot videos and also incorporate 2D animation styles in music videos to make them more appealing.


8. Individuals and Influencers

2D animation videos are also a very handy tool for individual business owners to share their services and products on social media along with influencers. When every other influencer is using the same style and format of videos, you can incorporate 2D videos into your content and stand out in the market.


9. Real Estate Professionals

We at Frame Makerzzz produce a lot of 3D architecture videos for independent builders and real estate companies to show their sites in the most realistic manner. But we also suggest they make 2D animated videos, as it helps convey the message in story form and connect better with the clients. It also helps build brand equity in the market.

Why 2D Animation videos?

We believe that 2D animated videos are a more cost-effective way to create engaging content that attracts customer attention in comparison to 3D Animation videos and live action video production. We at Frame Makerzzz use this combination of contemporary illustrations and excellent animation skills to make your 2D animation video a great success. We believe that when 2D animation videos are designed with your target audience in mind, they can help you deliver your brand message in a much simpler and more engaging way. This video format is also very popular due to its quick turnaround time. The ideal turnaround time for a 1-minute 2D animated video is very low compared to other video production styles, which is 8–12 working days. Videos of such style help simplify brands messages and processes and also help connect and engage with their target audience, which ultimately results in high conversion rates and ROI.

How are 2D Animation videos designed?

While producing an engaging and connecting 2D animation video, we follow a proprietary process that includes various steps that we precisely follow one after the other to make an outstanding and attention grabbing 2D animation video. Most of the time we use these steps for our 2D animation video production process. However, being one of the top 2D animation studios in Mumbai, we also have a special process for creating customized animation videos. in any sort of video production such as 2D animation videos, 3d Animation videos, Explainer videos, corporate videos, Motion graphics videos etc.

Scriptwritng in 2D Animation

1. Script writing

We at Frame Makerzzz consider script Writing to be the heart and soul of any kind of video production. During this process, we lay out an idea on paper and later modify it into a professional script with the help of script writers, which solves half of the job for the video production team.

Character Designing in 2D Animation

2. Character Designing

We believe in designing unique characters that automatically make your 2D animated video stand out from your competition by providing unique character features that best suit your brand, and we at Frame Makerzzz do that best, which is why we are one of the best 2D animation studios in India.

create storyboard by 2D animation

3. Storyboard

A storyboard is a very vital part of the video production process. We consider a storyboard a road map, which shows a close result of how the end result of a 2D Animation video will look. We generally create black and white storyboards that depict the flow of a video.

customized backgrounds engages 2D animation

4. Background Designing

We believe that backgrounds are equally important as other aspects involved in making a customized 2D Animated video. Adding visually appealing and customized backgrounds engages and connects with the audience, which helps brands understand their customers much better.

custom designed animation characters

5. Animation

Then comes animation, the process of bringing custom designed characters and backgrounds to life. This requires a lot of skill to make characters actions as close as possible to reality to make your 2D animation video leave a mark on your viewer.

voiceover narrated into 2D animation video

6. Voiceover and background music

In this step, we add a voiceover narrated by a professional artist to inject more infusion into your 2D Animation video, along with suitable background music to set the mood.

Of course, this is your 2D animation video, which was created for your brand, so nothing happens without your approval at every stage. There are multiple and diverse ways of creating a 2D Animation video. However, we divide the above mentioned 6 stage process into a 3-step production pipeline. Let's break it down for you.

Frame Makerzzz

1. Pre-Production

The initial stage of producing any 2D Animation video includes brainstorming and putting on our thinking caps to define goals and identify the purpose to develop the perfect story outline. Hence, brainstorming is also included in the pre production phase.

Once the outline is finalized by the client, our professional script writers under the supervision of a content marketing strategist, write a script that gives your story the pitch and tone it desires. Next,our designers create black and white or colored sketches of characters based on the storyline, finalizing brand color palettes and preparing assets and backgrounds for 2D Animation videos. Finally, the visual artists give the story its purpose by combining all the ideas on a storyboard. Lastly, a storyboard will display the sequence of actions and events to animate the deck and put it in motion. This is a crucial phase for any video production, including 2D animated videos before going into the production phase.

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2. Production

In this phase, we gather all the material from the pre production department and hand it over to the production team and then a team of our expert designers and colorists arranges it into sequences for converting rough storyboards into visually appealing backgrounds and characters. This includes coloring the backgrounds and creating character poses and expressions. Once that is done, then the animators perform following steps:

● Rigging characters for animation
● Animating characters
● Animating Backgrounds and assets
● Actions and timings
● Syncing Dialogues

Producing a customized 2D Animation video is a complex task that involves more people. Shorts are divided within the same department into multiple teams. Once all the shots are animated to the satisfaction of the animator and team leads, they are then collected and stitched together, that process is known as composting. After that, everything is rendered into video format and shared with the creative director for their valuable feedback. As soon as it’s approved, the file is handed over to the next department.

Frame Makerzzz

3. Post-Production

The final editing takes place during this stage, where we enhance your 2D animated video. Here we alter the length of the shots by speeding or giving dramatic slow motion effects if required, followed by sound effects and voiceover recordings, which are carefully fine-tuned to magnify the impact of the video. Once the satisfying version is finalized, the video is rendered and exported into various desired formats for you to publish on any video supporting platform.

Now you know how to get your ideal 2D Animation video made for your business. Our team brings you a broad scope of options and styles to choose from that suit your business the best.

Tools used in creating 2D animation videos

Frame Makerzzz being among the top 2D animation studios in India and a well known 2D animation studio in Mumbai, uses top notch industry standard software. Using industry standard software ensures the end quality of your 2D animated video is at par, because we at Frame Makerzzz know a poor-quality video can do more harm than good to your brand.

Here are a few common tools our designers and animators use in order to produce the best 2D animation videos to support your marketing initiatives and aid in generating higher ROI:


For Designing-

1. Adobe Illustrator
2. Adobe Photoshop
3. Adobe InDesign
4. Corel Draw


For Animation-

1. Adobe Animate (Commonly Known as Adobe Flash)
2. Adobe After Effects.
3. Synfig.
4. Pencil 2D

Our USPs (unique selling propositions)

We at Frame Makerzzz take great pride in our eye for detail and produce high quality 2D animation videos by following the process religiously. Here are a few of the qualities that distinguish us from our competitors and set us apart:


Simplified Process

We at Frame Makerzzz follow a very straightforward 3 step process for our clients to understand easily, which also helps us produce impeccable 2D animation videos.


Attention to Detail

To create visually appealing and engaging 2D animation videos, we pay very close attention to detail. Hence, at every stage, we monitor the progress very carefully before moving on to the next stage. We make sure every thought blends seamlessly.



Every client and industry has its own specific needs and we understand that very well. To ensure that the impact of your 2D animation video is maximum and conveys the message clearly, we customize 2D animation videos as per your specific needs. We make sure our clients are involved in the process at every stage to avoid any last minute surprises.


High-Quality Results

Having an excellent and creative team by our side, we regularly produce 2D animation videos of the highest standards using the cutting edge tools. We also know great storytelling plays a vital role in taking your 2D animation video one step ahead.

Frame Makerzzz
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Why Choose Us?

Numerous organizations, big and small, have already benefited from the 2D animation videos produced by Frame Makerzzz. We surpass industry standards by providing exceptional video production quality, paying attention to detail and understanding our clients goals.

We at Frame Makerzzz aim to produce 2D animation videos that make our clients stand out in the digital clutter with the power of creative storytelling and technical expertise. Our commitment to high quality, customer satisfaction, and track record with companies like TATA, IIFL, Amazon India, LIC, ICICI, JSW, AT&T, etc., you can rest assured that your message will be out in the market as you want it, along with your focused business goals achievement.

Why customers love
working with us

Great experience working with team at Frame Makerzzz. Quality was amazing couldn’t expect more in such pocket friendly budget. Anyone looking for amazing brand videos or explainer videos within their budget must go with Frame Makerzzz.


Isha Sharma

Frame Makerzzz have been a great support for us. We opted for animated videos and explainer video services. I would like to rate their professionalism and commitment 10/10. Support team was always there to resolve any issues we had. We will definitely use your services again.


Currie Dhawan

It was amazing experience working with Frame Makerzzz Media Pvt. Ltd. and got to learn a lot working with the organization.


Aniket Lad

Committed service, guidance. Value for money. Best in the industry. I really appreciate their efforts of each project. Keep it up guys. All the Best


Agnidipto dey

A studio with highly creative and professional team which cater to your requirement effectively. The creative suggestions from the team helped me get the amazing output for my work and timely updates kept me satisfied as to their delivery commitment. I am looking to connect soon for our future projects.


Rahul Sharma

Very helpful, genuine, great service, amazing with the work, over all a very good experience. Once again thank you Jayant for working on my logo designing and giving me on time




Frame Makerzzz offers various 2D animation videos with unique traits and techniques. Following are some of the many types we most commonly produce: Traditional Animation Stop Motion Animation Digital 2D Animation Typography Animation

2D animation videos help businesses and individuals improve their brand visibility more than 75 times on various social media platforms and help grab the audience’s attention. They can support multiple industries and individuals like retail stores, educational and training institutions, marketing and advertising agencies, NGOs, healthcare, pharmaceutical, government and PSUs, real estate, entertainment, and influencers.

Ideally, a 2D animation video should be 2 to 3 minutes long. It must be ensured that the video is not too long and that the audience’s attention gets distracted before the video’s message reaches them.

Compared to 3D animation and live-action shoots, creating 2D animated videos is not that complicated. Due to this, generally creating a one-minute 2D animated video only takes 15-20 days, making it even more popular.

The cost of any animated video depends on many factors, such as the duration, quality, and difficulty. Because creating a 2D animation is easier than 3D animation, it might be relatively cheaper, but it can change based on the client’s requirements.

Many businesses and individuals use 2D animation videos in various ways, such as product commercials, educational videos, feature films, television series, video games, music videos, medical videos, and digital platforms.


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