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Best Healthcare Explainer Video Services in India

In today's fast-evolving healthcare industry, explaining medical concepts to patients and care providers can be challenging. However, its videos are a powerful tool for quickly and effectively communicating complex information. Therefore, creating an explainer video for healthcare can be an ideal solution for medical professionals, pharmaceutical companies, and patients alike.

Healthcare explainer video
Healthcare explainer video in India
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Best Healthcare Explainer Videos: Engage Your Audience

Choosing the right partner for creating your medical explainer videos is crucial; this is where Frame Makerzzz steps in. Our experts understand that healthcare is a complex industry with intricate concepts and terminology. We specialize in converting this complex information into engaging, practical, visually appealing narratives. Our proficiency lies in our innovative and creative approach and in successfully conveying brand stories and messages to the audience, which helps people engage and connect better.

Our track record speaks for itself. Since our inception in 2016, we have grown multiplefold and become one of Mumbai's top video production and animation studios. Apart from our technical expertise, our transparent and hassle-free video production process sets us apart. We ensure prompt delivery, competitive pricing, and quality that matches, if not exceeds, your expectations. With us, you can rest assured that your project is in capable hands.

Frame Makerzzz is the premier healthcare explainer video production company in Pune, Bangalore, and Hyderabad, India, dedicated to helping you create captivating and informative medical explainer videos. We have been creating healthcare explainer videos in Mumbai for a decade so that healthcare professionals and medical institutions can have more engaging interactions with their patients and empower them by educating them about health. We can create any type of healthcare explainer video due to our extensive expertise and the depth of our domain knowledge.

Understanding Healthcare Explainer Videos:

Healthcare explainer videos are an excellent solution for building awareness, especially for those who run a healthcare or pharmaceutical business. Medical books and texts are difficult to comprehend, especially for people with formal medical education.

A healthcare explainer video ensures that patients or employees find the answers to all their medical or healthcare-related queries. When creating a medical or healthcare explainer video, extra care must be taken to convey empathy and compassion to viewers. Healthcare explainer videos are an excellent choice for everyone, from medical equipment companies to giant pharmaceuticals and hospitals.

Benefits of Healthcare Explainer Videos:

The following are the benefits of healthcare explainer videos: 

Increase Patient Engagement: 

Medical explainer videos can help increase patient engagement and satisfaction by providing a more engaging and interactive experience than traditional text formats. They can help patients feel more involved in their healthcare journey and more confident in their understanding of complex medical information. 

Simplify Complicated Procedures: 

Healthcare explainer videos help explain complex concepts and procedures to patients which are difficult for medical professionals to explain. Explainer videos help turn complicated medical information into an engaging storyline that is easy to understand. 

Educate Patients and Caregivers: 

A healthcare explainer video helps patients understand the treatment and can also help train healthcare professionals. Universities often use 2D and 3D animation explainer medical videos to demonstrate some health processes to students. These explainer videos help break down complex topics into easy-to-grasp information packages. 

Increase Sales & Lead Conversions: 

Healthcare explainer videos can help you meet your sales and conversion goals by giving your viewers an alternative to reading cumbersome text. It can communicate a vast amount of information in a short amount of time, which is perfect for busy executives.

Increase Brand Awareness: 

Explainer videos enhance the brand’s overall image and build trust. Adding a well-crafted healthcare explainer video to your website can make the brand look more professional and authoritative. A healthcare explainer video is a great marketing solution that allows a company to target an audience creatively and increase brand awareness. 

Planning Your Healthcare Explainer Video:

Identifying the Purpose & Target Audience: 

Creating a healthcare explainer video can effectively communicate complex medical information to the target audience. However, we must identify its primary goal to start making the healthcare explainer video. 

To create a successful healthcare explainer video, we at Frame Makerzzz first try to understand the target audience’s needs and preferences. Factors like the target audience’s age, education level, and cultural background help us customize the video’s content and messaging to better meet their needs. 

By tailoring the message to different stakeholders, such as patients, physicians, nurses, and pharmacists, we ensure that the healthcare explainer video is relevant and engaging to a wider audience. 

Collaboration with Experts: 

At Frame Makerzzz, we understand that medical explainer videos need accuracy, scientific credibility, and compliance with all relevant regulations. By collaborating with medical professionals, pharmacists, and legal experts, we ensure the content is factually correct, meets all the standards and guidelines, and does not make misleading or exaggerated claims. This collaboration lends credibility to the video and builds trust with the viewers. 

Scriptwriting & Storyboarding: 

At Frame Makerzzz, we carefully craft a compelling script that conveys the brand’s message concisely and in a language accessible to the target audience. When we create a script for a healthcare explainer video, we focus on the most important information that your target audience needs to know, such as the key benefits of a particular treatment or product, potential risks and side effects, or important steps in a medical procedure. 

We keep the video engaging and avoid overwhelming viewers with excessive technical jargon. We use friendly, conversational, and empathetic language to help build trust between the audience and the information being presented. We engage viewers and help them retain information by incorporating storytelling techniques like using relatable characters, personal anecdotes, or metaphors into the video. 

Once the script is ready, we create a storyboard to visualize the video’s sequence of scenes and transitions. Storyboarding allows us to iterate and refine the animation flow before diving into the actual production.

Choose the Right Visuals & Animation Style: 

Frame Makerzzz offers various animation styles, such as 2D, 3D, motion graphics, or a combination of these. We help brands select the style that best complements their message and aligns with their brand identity. For pharmaceutical/medical explainer videos, we often recommend 3D animation because it allows for a detailed representation of complex molecular structures and medical procedures. 

Voiceover & Music: 

Frame Makerzzz offers a vast and versatile database of background music to choose from. We have a team of talented voice artists at our disposal who can give the explainer video a powerful voice. When the client approves the script, the voiceover artists can start doing their job and finish voice recording within a reasonable time. 

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Type of Healthcare Explainer Videos:

Various types of healthcare explainer videos cater to different needs and purposes. Below, we'll explore five types of healthcare/pharmaceutical brands that we can consider implementing.

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1. Medical Device Demos:

Medical device manufacturers can use these demos in multiple ways, such as promotion, education, social media marketing, etc. This type of explainer video can breathe life into a device's functionalities and help with training, sales, and customer support. They offer an engaging way to convey operational instructions and demonstrate the device's benefits, which improves user understanding and increases product appreciation.

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2. Medical Procedure Videos:

Medical procedure videos are indispensable tools for healthcare providers. They can be used to explain specific medical procedures or surgeries better, making them less scary for patients and their families. They act as an excellent pre-consultation tool, priming the patient for their doctor visit and promoting informed discussions.

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3. Disease Awareness Videos:

These are the most critical healthcare explainer videos because they help spread awareness about various diseases. They clearly illustrate the causes, symptoms, prevention measures, and potential disease treatment options, transforming these abstract concepts into tangible visuals. These videos empower individuals to control their health proactively by fostering a deep understanding of the disease.

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4. Pharmaceutical Explainer Videos:

Through these videos, we offer pharmaceutical companies a unique way to demonstrate their product's effectiveness. Pharmaceutical explainer videos clearly depict the drug's mechanism of action, highlight its benefits, and even demonstrate the correct way to use it, increasing its perceived value and establishing the product as a reliable treatment option.


5. Medical Training Videos:

Medical training videos can help train healthcare professionals. These videos can present complex medical concepts, tools, or procedures in an engaging and easy-to-understand format. The visual nature of these videos aids in better retention and recall of information.

Preventive Healthcare Videos:

Preventive Healthcare Videos:

The primary focus of these videos is promoting healthy behaviours and proactively managing one's health. They are a powerful way to increase patients' awareness about diseases. This type of explainer video helps educate patients, doctors, and nurses. These videos can educate people on healthy eating tips, the significance of exercising regularly, the importance of routine medical check-ups, etc.

Our USPs (unique selling propositions)

We at Frame Makerzzz take great pride in our eye for detail and produce high quality explainer videos by following the process religiously. Here are a few of the qualities that distinguish us from our competitors and set us apart:


Simplified Process

We at Frame Makerzzz follow a very straightforward 3 step process for our clients to understand easily, which also helps us produce impeccable explainer videos.


Attention to Detail

To create visually appealing and engaging explainer videos, we pay very close attention to detail. Hence, at every stage, we monitor the progress very carefully before moving on to the next stage. We make sure every thought blends seamlessly.



Every client and industry has its own specific needs and we understand that very well. To ensure that the impact of your explainer video is maximum and conveys the message clearly, we customize explainer videos as per your specific needs. We make sure our clients are involved in the process at every stage to avoid any last minute surprises.


High-Quality Results

With an excellent and creative team by our side, we regularly produce explainer videos of the highest standards using cutting edge tools. We also know great storytelling plays a vital role in taking your explainer video one step ahead

Why customers love
working with us

Great experience working with team at Frame Makerzzz. Quality was amazing couldn’t expect more in such pocket friendly budget. Anyone looking for amazing brand videos or explainer videos within their budget must go with Frame Makerzzz.


Isha Sharma

Frame Makerzzz have been a great support for us. We opted for animated videos and explainer video services. I would like to rate their professionalism and commitment 10/10. Support team was always there to resolve any issues we had. We will definitely use your services again.


Currie Dhawan

It was amazing experience working with Frame Makerzzz Media Pvt. Ltd. and got to learn a lot working with the organization.


Aniket Lad

Committed service, guidance. Value for money. Best in the industry. I really appreciate their efforts of each project. Keep it up guys. All the Best


Agnidipto dey

A studio with highly creative and professional team which cater to your requirement effectively. The creative suggestions from the team helped me get the amazing output for my work and timely updates kept me satisfied as to their delivery commitment. I am looking to connect soon for our future projects.


Rahul Sharma

Very helpful, genuine, great service, amazing with the work, over all a very good experience. Once again thank you Jayant for working on my logo designing and giving me on time




The cost of animated healthcare or medical videos depends on various factors, such as video length, voiceover, and graphics level. Using animated healthcare explainer videos to ensure better marketing practices can help improve sales and profitability by up to 200%.

A generic explainer video for healthcare shouldn’t exceed 2 minutes unless it’s training material for students or a more comprehensive educational video for patients. The ideal length of a healthcare explainer video depends on factors like: Complexity Of Concept The Proper Product Usage Procedure Target Audience Target Goal of The Video

Typically, healthcare or pharmaceutical products are hard to use, and lacking precision leads to faulty results, making it hard for users to trust the brand. Medical device demos may not be crucial, but having a healthcare product demo can help brands build trust and can also be repurposed as medical marketing videos.

You can expect a faster delivery depending on the type of video you want us to make for you. However, we always give you an expected delivery time when we take up your project.

An explainer video can be used in multiple ways in the healthcare or pharmaceutical industry. Medical professionals can use it to explain healthcare concepts to patients, train employees, and enhance brand marketing. Healthcare explainer videos can be used as medical marketing videos on almost all owned and paid marketing channels, such as landing pages, digital media advertisements, television advertisements, etc., which makes them a great investment that can be used.


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