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Best Crypto & Blockchain Explainer Video Services in India

Unlock the doors to the endless knowledge of cryptocurrency and blockchain with our world-class crypto and blockchain explainer video production in India. With many years of experience in the field and the help of our experts, our explainer videos make complex concepts simple for the audience to understand in a short duration.

Frame Makerzzz is one of Mumbai and India's most popular explainer video companies. Our explainer videos can help you intrigue and engage your target audience, acquire new customers, build a community of loyal users, and create trust with investors.

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Engage Audiences with Explainer Videos




Engage Audiences with Explainer Videos

Frame Makerzzz knows the value of explainer videos and how important they are for businesses of all sizes to narrate their brand stories and messages to their target audience, which ultimately results in generating high quality leads. By joining hands with Frame Makerzzz in your explainer video production journey, you are collaborating with one of the best explainer video companies in Mumbai, India.Frame Makerzzz is skilled at producing attention grabbing explainer videos for various industries. We do that by writing engaging and easy to understand scripts that describe your brand's values and mission and connect with your audience instantly. That makes us incredible storytellers.

What Is A Crypto & Blockchain Explainer Video?

A crypto/blockchain explainer video is an audiovisual tool for explaining complex concepts of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. It takes 30 seconds to 2 minutes to turn these problematic concepts into an entertaining and easy-to-understand story for the viewers.

From cryptocurrencies to blockchain demonstrations, our explainer videos can be the solution for the challenges faced by blockchain and crypto companies in explaining technical concepts to non-tech-savvy customers. Our explainer videos can help you build your customer base, raise awareness, and turn your viewers into loyal customers.

Benefits of Explainer Videos in the Crypto & Blockchain Industry:

In today’s ever-changing digital world, it is of crucial importance for well-established enterprises as well as startups to use the power of a blockchain or cryptocurrency explainer video. Below are some of the benefits of using an explainer video in the crypto and blockchain industry:

In today’s ever-changing digital world, it is of crucial importance for well-established enterprises as well as startups to use the power of a blockchain or cryptocurrency explainer video. Below are some of the benefits of using an explainer video in the crypto and blockchain industry: 

Simplify Complex Concepts: 

The world of cryptocurrency and blockchain is full of innovations, and even though it is intriguing to many, it has too many intricate details and uses technical terminology like trading, Bitcoin, wallets, etc., which can be challenging for people to understand. An explainer video can be the perfect way to break down these complex innovations in an entertaining way and interact with the target audience in an audiovisual manner. 

Increase Engagement & Brand Recognition: 

Explainer videos provide a visually appealing experience. They combine informative content, captivating visuals, and entertaining storytelling to leave a long-lasting impression on your target viewers. This can help you increase user engagement, lead conversions, and brand recognition. 

Build A Strong Digital Brand Image: 

An explainer video can be used for social media marketing, advertising, landing pages, blogs, and email marketing. It can be shared across multiple platforms, reach a wider audience, and raise brand awareness. This can help you increase your digital presence and build a strong brand image in the digital world.

Grow Your Customer Base: 

Creating a concise and entertaining explainer video requires combining different elements, such as animation, voiceover, background music, etc. You can effectively build and grow a loyal customer base by including an explainer video in your digital marketing strategy. 

Critical Stages of a Crypto & Blockchain Explainer Video:

We at Frame Makerzzz have a smooth-running process to make your video come alive through intriguing explainer videos. Below are some of the critical stages involved in the process: 

Idea Development: 

We start by brainstorming ideas with the client, trying to understand the unique elements of their crypto and blockchain projects. This enables us to develop a concept that effectively conveys their message and captivates the attention of their target audience. 


Our expert scriptwriters then wrote a compelling and engaging script, which is the foundation of any good explainer video. The script highlights the unique elements of the client’s brand, be it tokens, blockchain technology, or any other crypto element. It provides a straightforward, concise, and entertaining story for the explainer video. 


Once we get the client’s approval, we proceed to the storyboard, a rough visualization of how the video will unfold. Storyboarding allows us to map out each scene and ensure a smooth flow, helping clients gain some insight into how the video’s flow will look, including camera angles, assets, and characters. 


After researching and understanding the target audience’s behaviour, we pick professional voiceover artists and other intricate details like their gender, accent, pitch, tone, and texture. Their voices effectively convey the brand’s message while making it more credible and improving the explainer video’s overall impact. 


Next, the approved storyboard and voiceover recording are handed over to our highly creative and talented animators to bring your vision to life by adding actions and expressions to designer characters and assets. Whether expressing and engaging in animated videos or stunning stock footage videos, we ensure that the brand message is communicated best. 

Music & Sound Effects:

We then proceed to one of the most important steps: sound effects and background music. Music is an essential element in setting the mood. While characters in a video can express emotions, the music and sound effects can amplify the viewer’s impression and improve the retention rate. For example, adding dynamic music will evoke excitement, or slow-paced music will give a luxurious vibe. 

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Types of Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Explainer Videos:

Brands can create multiple explainer videos for various purposes. Following are a few to name :


1. Animated DeFi Videos:

We can use an animated video to highlight the USPs of a client's decentralized financial services model, which showcases the processing of transactions, funds transfer, and execution of smart contracts. It can also highlight how the model efficiently saves users' time and money and reduces users' risk.

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2. Blockchain Animation Explainers:

Due to blockchain technology's growing popularity, it's essential to effectively communicate its ideas. This is where eye-catching visuals become significant. Blockchain videos can help users explain the different components of the blockchain ecosystem, such as nodes, miners, smart contracts, and transactions.


3. Promotional Videos:

If you want to raise awareness about your blockchain project, you need promotional videos. Promo videos highlight the advantages, showcase success stories, and generate interest among potential investors.

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4. Demo Explainers:

A demo video helps viewers walk through the user interface, functionalities, and features of the product. This video type offers a hands-on experience and helps the community grasp the usability and functionality of the technology.


5. Brand Explainers:

A strong identity and an emotional connection with the public are a must for a company. Using animation, we can convey the client's project's vision, mission, and values, building trust and credibility.


6. Animated NFT Explainers:

Mesmerizing motion imagery is an impressive way to showcase the client's NFT collection to its users. By employing captivating visuals, we can infuse life into the client's NFTs and highlight their features and characteristics. Moreover, using motion graphics can create a sense of exclusivity around the collection and increase its desirability.


7. Money Transfer Walkthrough:

It highlights many people's issues while transferring money from the USA to India. By using cool animated explainers, we can ensure the message is smoothly and effectively communicated to the target audience.


8. Crypto Explainers:

Using an animated video for cryptocurrency can simplify technical jargon. Cryptocurrencies can be tricky for the average person to understand. Still, animated illustrations can break down these concepts into easy-to-understand chunks using fascinating graphics and straightforward explanations.


Blockchain Educational Video:

With blockchain and cryptocurrency being relatively newer concepts, not many people know enough about it. The only source for anyone interested in learning more about this topic is text-based content, which is too technical and complex to understand. Animated videos can help them learn about blockchain by explaining these complex concepts more straightforwardly with engaging stories.

Crypto & Blockchain Explainer Videos: Frame Makerzzz in India

Learn more about the qualities that separate us from the rest of our competitors:

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1. Cost-effective:

We offer affordable prices for our explainer video production. At Frame Makerzzz, we can create sophisticated and captivating videos that address your business goals and don’t surpass budget constraints.

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2. Quick Turnaround Time:

At Frame Makerzzz, we provide a quick turnaround because we bring together a team of talented professionals who have been working together for a long time and collaborate perfectly. Also, explainer videos take relatively less time to produce than 2D animation, 3D animation, live-action videography, etc.


3. Detail-Oriented:

At Frame Makerzzz, we are very detail-oriented, so we can create visually appealing and engaging explainer videos. Therefore, we carefully monitor the progress of the video production at every stage before we move on to the next stage.


4. Simple Process:

At Frame Makerzzz, we follow a simple 3-step process that is very easy to understand for our clients. This process also enables us to produce mesmerizing explainer videos.


5. Customization:

We at Frame Makerzzz understand that every client and industry has unique needs, which we need to fulfil. We include our clients in the process at every stage to avoid any last-minute surprises. We create customized explainer videos according to your specific needs to ensure that your explainer video has the maximum impact and conveys the message clearly.


6. Excellent Quality:

We at Frame Makerzzz regularly produce explainer videos of the highest standards, with great storytelling, using cutting-edge tools and the help of our creative team experts.

Our USPs (unique selling propositions)

We at Frame Makerzzz take great pride in our eye for detail and produce high quality explainer videos by following the process religiously. Here are a few of the qualities that distinguish us from our competitors and set us apart:


Simplified Process

We at Frame Makerzzz follow a very straightforward 3 step process for our clients to understand easily, which also helps us produce impeccable explainer videos.


Attention to Detail

To create visually appealing and engaging explainer videos, we pay very close attention to detail. Hence, at every stage, we monitor the progress very carefully before moving on to the next stage. We make sure every thought blends seamlessly.



Every client and industry has its own specific needs and we understand that very well. To ensure that the impact of your explainer video is maximum and conveys the message clearly, we customize explainer videos as per your specific needs. We make sure our clients are involved in the process at every stage to avoid any last minute surprises.


High-Quality Results

With an excellent and creative team by our side, we regularly produce explainer videos of the highest standards using cutting edge tools. We also know great storytelling plays a vital role in taking your explainer video one step ahead

Why customers love
working with us

Great experience working with team at Frame Makerzzz. Quality was amazing couldn’t expect more in such pocket friendly budget. Anyone looking for amazing brand videos or explainer videos within their budget must go with Frame Makerzzz.


Isha Sharma

Frame Makerzzz have been a great support for us. We opted for animated videos and explainer video services. I would like to rate their professionalism and commitment 10/10. Support team was always there to resolve any issues we had. We will definitely use your services again.


Currie Dhawan

It was amazing experience working with Frame Makerzzz Media Pvt. Ltd. and got to learn a lot working with the organization.


Aniket Lad

Committed service, guidance. Value for money. Best in the industry. I really appreciate their efforts of each project. Keep it up guys. All the Best


Agnidipto dey

A studio with highly creative and professional team which cater to your requirement effectively. The creative suggestions from the team helped me get the amazing output for my work and timely updates kept me satisfied as to their delivery commitment. I am looking to connect soon for our future projects.


Rahul Sharma

Very helpful, genuine, great service, amazing with the work, over all a very good experience. Once again thank you Jayant for working on my logo designing and giving me on time




No. Whether you want to produce a Bitcoin explainer video or any other kind of blockchain video, it must meet three principles of great storytelling: the customer's problem definition, demonstrating how a person can solve it using a product or service, and the brand's competitive advantages supported by a powerful call to action at the end of the movie.

We do offer budget-friendly videos. However, the best way to learn more about that is to contact us right away and discuss your requirements with us.

You can use blockchain explainer videos in advertising on social networks, websites, email marketing, video marketing on YouTube, at tradeshows and conferences, and in other places in the online and offline world.

You can expect a faster delivery depending on the type of video you want us to make for you. However, we always give you an expected delivery time when we take up your project.

The cost of animation services can vary depending on several factors, including the complexity of the animation, the length, the level of detail required, and the animation style. If you'd like to receive a precise estimate, please click here to contact us.

Generally, we don't charge anything if the duration is just a few seconds above the finalized duration; if the duration increases drastically, it's charged proportionately.


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