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Leading Ad Film Production House in Mumbai, India

In recent years, a massive demand for advertising has been driven by changing customer preferences, emerging trends, and exceptional local circumstances. It has led to a significant shift in advertising towards digital platforms, with an increased focus on targeted online campaigns to reach tech-savvy consumers. Due to consumers becoming more selective in their choices, we are seeing a growing demand for personalized and interactive advertisements. Creating great ads isn’t easy, and outsourcing this job to the expertise of a renowned ad film production house in Mumbai is the only viable option.

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Look At Some Statistics

Let’s take a look at some statistics that will further prove that advertisements are a crucial element in the marketing strategy of any business:

  • 92% of video marketers report that video advertising provides a good ROI.
  • 69% of marketers are said to have spent money on video ads.
  • 91% of businesses report using video as a marketing tool.
  • Facebook’s ad reach in India was equivalent to 25.6% of the total population at the start of 2024.
  • According to Google’s advertising tools, YouTube had 462.0 million users in India in early 2024. YouTube’s ad reach was equivalent to 32.2% of India’s total population at the start of the year.
  • According to Meta’s advertising tools, Instagram has 362.9 million users in India which is equivalent to 25.3% of the total population, as of early 2024.

It is recommended that businesses in India should get in touch with the best ad film production houses in Mumbai to get customized videos that fulfil their requirements and get the best results for their videos, whether they are new to the world of advertising or an expert. The ad film production houses in Mumbai know how to create effective and memorable ads while working with tight deadlines and budgets. They are well-equipped with the latest technology and software, enabling them to develop high-quality ads quickly and efficiently.

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What Are The Types of Ad Films:

Brands can create multiple ad films for various purposes. Following are a few to name:

Infomercials (1)

1. Infomercials:

A longer-form video or television advertisement acts as a stand-alone program to pitch a good or service with a call to action. Do you remember those long Naaptol ads on TV selling products ranging from home decor to apparel to toys to kitchen appliances? Usually, TV channels air these infomercials after midnight as an additional source of income by selling ad space.

Social Media Ads

2. Social Media Ads:

Did you know 61.5% of India's internet user base used at least one social media platform in January 2024? India's advertising sector has shifted digitally with the rise in smartphone and internet users. Social media ads are expected to be 30% of the total advertising expenditure (Rs. 8,757 crore or US$1.05 billion). They are a subset of digital advertising. Spotify India's 'There's a Playlist for That' campaign is one of India's best examples of social media ads.

Promotional Videos

3. Promotional Videos:

It is a video explicitly used to promote a specific marketing initiative, sale, or event. One of the best examples is Nike's "Dream Crazy" campaign. In this video, Nike, which has long been known for its inspirational and emotionally charged promotional videos, encouraged audiences to dream big and push beyond limits, irrespective of societal expectations or norms.

Corporate Videos

4. Corporate Videos:

Companies commonly produce them to promote their products, services, or brands to potential customers or investors. They are around 5-10 minutes in duration. One of the most brilliant examples of corporate videos is Pepsi's blind taste test campaign, executed by Alma DDB Miami, aimed to showcase consumer preferences between Pepsi and competitors, with customers shown to be choosing Pepsi over any other competitor, garnered attention for its engaging methodology and insightful market research.

Animated Commercial Video

5. Animated Commercial Video:

It is a short, animated, brand-oriented video that promotes a company, product, or service. It can improve brand reach and create a buzz within 30-45 seconds using television or digital ad broadcasts. How can we forget Android's memorable animated commercial that joined the social conversation about bullying and built brand affinity? Their video inspires courage, compassion, and connection, building value for this global brand.

TV Commercials

6. TV Commercials:

These are the most common type of ad film and are typically 30 seconds to 2 minutes long. They promote a product or service and usually air on television. TV commercials are short 30-second to 1-minute commercials that air during commercial breaks. Do you remember the infectious jingle "Umeedon Wali Dhoop, Sunshine Wali Asha" by Coca-Cola? This television commercial quenched our thirst and filled us with hope and optimism.

Ad Films Services Offered At Frame Makerzzz

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Concept development

1. Concept development:

When you decide to create an Ad Film with us, we invite you to discuss the expected deliverables. This discussion is also necessary to develop a concept, the message you want to convey to your audience, and the brand story. The process includes brainstorming, customer research, competitive analysis, prototyping, marketing strategy, test marketing, and results analysis.

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2. Scriptwriting:

Now that we know what you want, our talented scriptwriters shall begin with writing the script. For the advert to reach your target audience on television or online, we ensure the script is compelling enough to hook your audience right from the start. As we brainstorm your script’s ideas, the first draft is prepared. After reaching a refined script version, we add a call to action (CTA) that starts with a powerful command verb. Scriptwriting ensures your ad captivates the audience and delivers the intended message.

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Pre production

3. Pre-production:

The pre-production stage also includes storyboarding, which is based on the visualization written by the creative director. A storyboard can be considered the first rough visuals of the ad film. Our storyboard artists will sit down to create sketches that will help define the path and shots of the video to be produced.

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4. Production:

Once everything is finalized in the pre-production stage, we swiftly move to the “Production Phase”. Here, the approved storyboard is handed over to our highly creative and talented production team, which handles all aspects of production, including casting, location scouting, set design, cinematography, lighting, and sound, to bring the ad film to life.

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Post production

5. Post-production:

After the production process is completed, we hand over the film to our talented editors, who work meticulously to edit the footage. Our skilled editors carefully review the full video and make any necessary adjustments. Then, we add any necessary sound effects and background music. We also include any last-minute changes you may have to create a cohesive and impactful ad film that matches your vision and objectives.

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6. Distribution:

Once the ad film is approved, we deliver the final version in the desired format, ready for distribution across various platforms, including TV, social media, and online advertising.

The Creative Process Behind Ad Films At Frame Makerzzz

Understanding the Brand:

We begin by thoroughly understanding your brand, story, values, target audience, and marketing objectives. Our team collaborates with the client to analyze, define goals, and create viable solutions to make the perfect blueprint for you.

Initial Concept Development:

Our creative team brainstorms ideas and develops concepts that resonate with the target audience, keeping in mind the brand's messaging and desired emotional impact. This process involves a brief understanding of the concept, the message, and the brand story, which helps us develop a rough road map of what lies ahead.


Once the concept is finalized, our team of skilled scriptwriters works their magic to write a compelling script that outlines the scenes, dialogue, and actions. A great script helps to effectively convey the brand's message, ensuring it is clear, concise, engaging, and vibes with the target audience.


Based on your project brief, we will develop a visual blueprint and establish a connection with the story. Our storyboard artists will then sit down to create visual representations of each shot in the script, mapping out the flow of the story and visual elements.


Once the script and storyline are finalized, our team uses critical analysis, instinct, and good timing to find the best possible talent for the roles and present these choices to the directors and producers, who then make their final casting decisions.

Location Scouting:

Then, our team heads out to scout the potential locations to give the team planning the shoot the information they need to schedule the day, plan equipment, and book any necessary permits, insurance, external vendors, etc.


After a few potential locations are shortlisted, relevant creative team members travel to the locations for recce (assessing the conditions in the days before the actual shoot) to determine their suitability for shooting the ad film and any potential problems that may arise during production.

Set Design:

Once the location is finalized, our set designers move on to designing, planning, and building the set or preparing the area to match the visual and tactile spaces where characters interact, and events occur according to the script.