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3D Animation Video Studio in Navi Mumbai

Framemakerzzz is the best 3D animation video service agency in Navi Mumbai, India. 3D animated video can provide a lot of additional benefits that no other form of video production can truly match. No matter what the scale and nature of your business are, 3D animated videos have something for everyone to leverage.

3D Animation Video Studio
3D animation video service agency
3D animated videos have something for everyone
3d animationl leveraging the depth in 3D dimension




What is a 3D animation video?

3D animation is a form of animation that is produced on all three axes (X, Y, and Z), unlike 2D animation, which is only created on the x and y axes. Leveraging the power of depth in the 3D dimension, which is the Z axis, we can make assets and characters look more realistic. We also add real life texture and environmental lighting to make your videos more realistic and engaging.

3D animation has a completely different workflow if compared with any other form of animated video. We at Frame Makerzzz very carefully follow mainly 7 steps, one after another in a precise order, that are involved in the production phase of a 3D video. They are modeling, texturing, rigging, lighting, animation, VFX, and rendering. About which you will learn shortly. 3D animation videos are mostly used for explaining complex product demonstrations, architectural visualizations, and films. We at Frame Makerzzz only recommend 3D animation videos for promoting or explaining products and not services, as we leverage the power of 360 degrees to show your product from every possible angle, which is definitely not needed when explaining services.

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What are different types of 3D animation videos?

In the ever evolving world of advertisement, 3D animation is one of the most commonly used forms of video production for advertising to capture the attention of your audience. 3D animations have the ability to do that by making the video look extremely realistic to the human eye. As one of the top animation studios in Navi Mumbai, it's important to know how to produce different styles of 3D animation videos for various industries and their uses. Let's take a look at different types of 3D animation videos produced at Frame Makerzzz


1. Character Animation

In the world of 3D animation, character animation is the most commonly used technique. Character animation is a very small yet most important part of the whole 3D animation process, especially where human interaction is being done during the video play time. Your favorite cartoon characters and superheroes in movies are all designed with the power of 3D animation. We at Frame Makerzzz specialize in character animations to tell your story in the best possible way by adding emotions and human like expressions to the 3D characters.


2. Product Visualization

At Frame Makerzzz, 3D animation videos are the most favorable choice for product animations, also known as product visualization. 3D videos allow us to demonstrate the product from every angle and highlight its features and benefits. We use these videos mostly for commercials, product demos etc. 3D animations come in very handy when a product is in the production stage, and with the power of 3D animation, we can make a video and showcase it to potential investors and partners.


3. Architectural Visualization

3D Architectural visualization is used a lot by individual architects both interior and exterior, along with real estate companies. By using the floor layout and elevations designed by the architects, we at Frame Makerzzz produce an identical looking structure in the 3D software and make it look realistic. This helps the builders showcase their project to potential buyers before even laying a brick. This 3D video can help real estate companies during their social media marketing campaigns.


4. Motion Graphics

Producing motion graphics in 3D format creates visually appealing, informative explainer videos. Such videos are created using text, shapes, and icons combined with binding storytelling, which helps convey complex ideas in a much simpler manner. 3D motion graphics are more engaging and visually appealing because we get the advantage of using depth, which helps convey the message in a more realistic manner.


5. Medical Animations

Medical animations are really popular in the hospital and pharmaceutical industries. Here, we help pharma and other medical industries produce videos related to diseases and their cure processes through easy to understand and engaging 3D animation videos. Such videos also help medical colleges and institutions make complex medical procedures easy to understand for their students.

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6. Educational Animations

During our 10 years of experience, we have noticed an exponential demand for 3D animation videos in the education sector too. Online education industry is making thousands of educational videos in 3D format to make complex subjects like science and math easy to understand for students. 3D videos also help children learn when teachers are not around, which helps them grow more.

To conclude, there are numerous case studies where clients and businesses can take advantage of 3D animated videos. These videos are slightly expensive and time consuming if compared with any other style of animation, like 2D animations or explainer videos. By choosing Frame Makerzzz as your choice to produce 3D animation videos, you are choosing the best animation studio in Navi Mumbai.

What are the Uses of a 3D Animated video?

3D animation videos have numerous uses, and businesses of any scale and size can leverage the power of 3D animation videos. Brands trying to make a lasting impression or promote their product or service can use explainer videos as a marketing tool.


3D animated videos for businesses are a great tool to:

  • Showcase complex products in a much simpler manner.
  • Showcase products that are still in the development phase.
  • Simplify complex medical concepts.
  • Industries looking to create virtual tours.
  • Build trust and engagement for their brand.


3D animation videos are the most realistic form of animation that can engage audiences across the globe. We at Frame Makerzzz, with the help of 3D animation, bring characters and other assets to life while producing commercial movies by adding immense emotions and expressions to connect with the audience. We also advise our clients to incorporate 3D animated videos into their social media marketing campaigns to get better engagement and ROI. 3D animation videos can also be used in real estate by making virtual tours of the buildings so that clients can see and feel their dream homes before they buy. We also have many case studies where the medical industry, which includes pharma and medical collages has taken a lot of advantage by producing high quality 3D animation videos in collaboration with Frame Makerzzz to make complex medical processes simple and easy to understand.

Why 3D animation videos?

We at Frame Makerzzz provide high quality and realistic 3D animation videos that create great opportunities for industries like education, pharmaceutical, medical, real estate, and product manufacturers to connect with their target audience like never before. By harnessing the power of realistic high quality videos created by 3D animation, it becomes easy to engage customers and give them a reason to connect with and buy from your brand. Here are a few major benefits of creating high quality 3D animation videos:

3D videos are more realistic

1. Realistic

At Frame Makerzzz, we use industry standard tools and techniques combining them with the best talents in the industry, to produce 3D videos that are more realistic to the human eye. Creating realistic 3D videos can help brands connect more with their audience to build trust and brand equity.

3D animated videos leveraging 360 degrees

2. Leveraging 360 degrees

As already discussed, 3D animation works on 3 axes (X,Y, and Z) unlike other forms of animation such as 2D and explainer videos that work only on the X and Y axes. While producing eye-catching 3D animated videos at Frame Makerzzz, we take advantage of the third axis, which is the Z axis. We create videos utilizing the power of depth and showcase your products and graphics from almost every angle possible. This gives the customer a better understanding of the product along with its important features and increases the chance of conversion.

3D animation create integration with virtual reality

3. Integration with Virtual Reality

We at Frame Makerzzz have mastered the art of producing complex architectural structures of the most realistic quality and then later integrating them with the power of virtual reality to create their own little world inside a virtual reality headset. Integration of 3D animations with virtual reality is very popular among the real estate industry, where they can showcase their property to clients sitting anywhere on the globe with just their virtual reality headsets.

What is included in a 3D animated video?

3D animation videos are well known to be realistic and engaging, and with the help of Frame Makerzzz you can create stunning 3D animation videos where imagination meets reality. There are numerous steps involved in producing a 3D video that exceeds your expectations. We at Frame Makerzzz have made a simple and easily understandable hierarchy of steps that we strictly follow to produce outstanding videos.


1. Brainstorming and Script writing

The process of brainstorming starts with a light interaction with the client and later deep R&D by our team in the domain and digging out ideas that were never thought of. Then we move on to script writing, also known as the heart and soul of any kind of video production. By writing down a rough idea on paper and later finalizing it in the form of a script, you can get half the job done for the production team. This is also the first step in the pre production stage.


2. Storyboard

Storyboarding is a very complex yet the most creative stage of the entire process because this is the stage where we set the flow of the entire video. After understanding the script, we create a shot by shot hand drawn visual representation of the written script and go extremely creative with the characteristics of the character, other assets and camera angles.


3. Animatics

In this process we take hand drawn shots from the storyboard and place them in a sequence to make a rough storyline, but in video format. We at Frame Makerzzz also get the rough voiceover recording done and sync it with the animatics to get a better understanding of the flow and length of the video. And this is where our pre production stage ends.


4. Modeling

We consider modeling the initial step of the production stage. During this stage we create 3D dimensional models of the characters and other assets to be used in the video as per the finalized storyboard and animatics. We also model engaging and relevant backgrounds to add more depth and emotion to the video.


5. Texturing

In this stage materials and textures are mapped onto the 3D models to make them look more realistic. We at Frame Makerzzz take things to the next level by not using pre made textures and going out of our way to use real life textures, which helps us make videos look more realistic and helps viewers connect and engage more.


6. Rigging

Rigging is the next crucial step in the process. We have segregated this into two types, human and mechanical rigging. Doing this helps us deploy specialized team members for specific types of rigging, which helps us improve the output quality. What is rigging, you may ask? Rigging is a process where we add bones and joints in character the same as real humans to mimic their real life movements and the same is with mechanical rigging to move cars and any other assets as they move in real life.


7. Animation

We at Frame Makerzzz consider animation the most important step in the entire process. This is where we get the opportunity to add movements to characters and other assets. We give charge of this stage to our experienced team members to add real emotions, expressions and movements to both characters and other assets. Doing this as precisely as possible gives us the advantage of connecting with the audience in a better way.


8. Lighting

Lighting plays a very vital role in adding realism to the video. Lighting means adding lights to the shot to create any time of the day. We at Frame Makerzzz as always take things to the next level. We use studio lighting step up to bring out the best potential of the real life materials and textures we used. We use different colors or lights to set up different moods, this is called mood lighting setup. This helps the audience connect and engage better.

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9. Rendering

Rendering is the final stage in the production process, it's the process where we take all the information we created from our team in the form of different shots and compile it in a video format. We at Frame Makerzzz specialize in choosing the best render engine depending on the type of animation.


10. Editing-Sound and Music

The remaining three stages fall under the post production phase. Editing is the stage where we stitch all the different shots rendered together to make a full length video and also add more elements like motion graphics etc. if required. We also replace our rough voiceover with the high quality final voiceover. Sound effects aka FX or foley are the process where we add tiny bits of sound like door opening or cracking etc. along with background music to make it more presentable and engaging.

How are 3D animation videos made?

3D animation videos, if compared with any other style of animation, are more complex and time consuming. Hence, planning is very essential, there are approximately 10 stages to producing high quality 3D animation videos. We at Frame Makerzzz have clubbed all these 10 stages into 3 major milestones called; Pre Production, Production and Post Production. Let's dive deep to better understand the process.

Frame Makerzzz

1. Pre-production

The initial phase of producing 3D animated videos is the pre production phase. In this phase we brainstorm the unexplored side and ideas about your industry and our creative script writer pens down the ideas in the form of an executable script and makes visual predictions about how the shots would look. By using that, we produce hand drawn shots famously known as storyboarding. If required, we also produce moving forms of hand drawn sketches in video format and call them animatics.

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2. Production

In this phase we produce the actual 3D video by using techniques like modeling, texturing, rigging, animation, lighting and rendering. We at Frame Makerzzz follow these steps in the same order to achieve the most realistic quality 3D animation videos. We also position our most creative and technically experienced people in this phase, especially those trained in producing high quality 3D videos.

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3. Post-production

Post Production is the third and final phase of the 3D animation video production process. In this step we compile all the production material in a sequence to make an engaging and seamless video for our clients. Furthermore, we also add background music, voiceover, and sound effects at this stage to enhance the quality even further.

Videos produced by one of the top 3D animation studios in Navi Mumbai, India, make sure the impact is enormous and the right brand message reaches your audience at the highest quality possible in the industry.

Our USPs (unique selling propositions)

We at Frame Makerzzz take great pride in our eye for detail and producing high quality 3D animation videos by following the process religiously. Here are a few of the qualities that distinguish us from our competitors and set us apart:


Simplified Process

We at Frame Makerzzz follow a very straightforward 3 step process for our clients to understand easily, which also helps us produce impeccable 3D animation videos.


Attention to Detail

To create visually appealing and engaging 3D animation videos, we pay very close attention to detail. Hence, at every stage, we monitor the progress very carefully before moving on to the next stage. We make sure every thought blends seamlessly.



Every client and industry has its own specific needs and we understand that very well. To ensure that the impact of your 3D animation video is maximum and conveys the message clearly, we customize 3D animation videos as per your specific needs. We make sure our clients are involved in the process at every stage to avoid any last minute surprises.


High-Quality Results

Having an excellent and creative team by our side, we regularly produce 3D animation videos of the highest standards using the cutting edge tools. We also know great storytelling plays a vital role in taking your 3D animation video one step ahead.

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Frame Makerzzz Frame Makerzzz 3D animation videos

Why Choose Us?

Numerous organizations, big and small, have already benefited from the 3D animation videos produced by Frame Makerzzz. We surpass industry standards by providing exceptional video production quality, paying attention to detail and understanding our clients goals. We at Frame Makerzzz aim to produce 3D animation videos that make our clients stand out in the digital clutter with the power of creative storytelling and technical expertise. Our commitment to high quality, customer satisfaction, and track record with companies like TATA, IIFL, Amazon India, LIC, ICICI, JSW, AT&T, etc., you can rest assured that your message will be out in the market as you want it, along with your focused business goals achievement.

Why customers love
working with us

Great experience working with team at Frame Makerzzz. Quality was amazing couldn’t expect more in such pocket friendly budget. Anyone looking for amazing brand videos or explainer videos within their budget must go with Frame Makerzzz.


Isha Sharma

Frame Makerzzz have been a great support for us. We opted for animated videos and explainer video services. I would like to rate their professionalism and commitment 10/10. Support team was always there to resolve any issues we had. We will definitely use your services again.


Currie Dhawan

It was amazing experience working with Frame Makerzzz Media Pvt. Ltd. and got to learn a lot working with the organization.


Aniket Lad

Committed service, guidance. Value for money. Best in the industry. I really appreciate their efforts of each project. Keep it up guys. All the Best


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A studio with highly creative and professional team which cater to your requirement effectively. The creative suggestions from the team helped me get the amazing output for my work and timely updates kept me satisfied as to their delivery commitment. I am looking to connect soon for our future projects.


Rahul Sharma

Very helpful, genuine, great service, amazing with the work, over all a very good experience. Once again thank you Jayant for working on my logo designing and giving me on time




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