YouTube Background Royalty-Free Music for Explainer Videos

March 27, 2024

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Isn’t it tiring to endlessly browse the internet looking for the perfect background royalty-free music for your explainer and corporate video? Well, you are in luck because we have researched for you to save your time and energy and came up with a list of the top 10 sites for YouTube background royalty-free music for explainer videos in 2024. Because music has the power to make your videos go viral or sink like the Titanic.

Buying copyrighted music can cause quite a dent in your budget. With the following list, you can easily source the perfect background music without breaking the bank. But first, let’s understand why background music is so important for explainer videos.

Why Is Background Music Important For Explainer and Corporate Videos?

Music in explainer and corporate videos makes it possible for the video to come alive. It enlivens scenes with a particular atmosphere to influence the perception of viewers and to give structure to the plot of the videos. It acts as a support to generate emotions and help reinforce messages. Musical melodies activate specific neurons in the brain, affecting our emotional center. 

For example, songs from our childhood bring up happy, nostalgic feelings. Music also has the power to move a person to tears, truly touching a person’s heart. This helps in creating a strong bond between the audience and the brand. However, this only works if they can identify with the music. The correct choice of music is almost like the icing on the cake. Audiences quickly associate music with the images if the music brings about a desired response in them. In short, a good background music has the following characteristics: 

  • It rouses the audience’s feelings and interests. 
  • It helps in building an emotional connection. 
  • It helps in communicating your brand’s message. 

Tips to Find The Best Music For Explainer and Corporate Videos: 

Background music often gets ignored or becomes an afterthought in the creation of an explainer video. It is often a very time-consuming task. However, since the majority of the allotted time goes to video production, less time is available to find the right background music. If you want your video to be great, then adding any random music to it will not work in your favor.

Following are some tips for choosing the best music for the explainer video: 

  • Pick out the music in the beginning rather than at the end of video production. This helps the animation frames to be well-synchronized with the chosen music. 
  • Pick subtle background music that compliments the narrator and does not distract the audience from the real message. The music should be a supporting track for the main plotline of your video. 
  • Pick the right tone, as it is one of the key factors in selecting the right music for your video because it creates the mood. If you use serious, melancholy music, it will create a sad mood. If you use hopeful, happy music, it will create a positive mood. You can set different moods in a single video by using different types of music. 
  • Understanding your target audience informs all of your video marketing decisions. Pick the style of music your audience would find enjoyable and relatable.
  • Don’t forget to use sound effects, especially if your video is animated. They can add emphasis on certain actions or highlight some details.

Top 10 Sites for YouTube Background Royalty-Free Music for Explainer and Corporate Videos:

Royalty-free music is a type of music that only needs a one-time payment but can be used for multiple applications because it is copyright-free music. Multiple websites offer various royalty-free soundtracks. To make your search easier, below are the top 10 sites for YouTube background royalty-free background music for your explainer videos:

  • PremiumBeat: 

Premium Beat, backed by Shutterstock (stock images giant), is one of the most popular royalty-free music websites. It provides a great variety of royalty-free music in different genres, duration, and beats. Their music library, with more than 10k soundtracks, is curated by music experts and offers the sophistication of high-end, large production houses. It is easy to use and easy to navigate. 

  • BenSound: 

BenSound, created by Benjamin Tissot (France-based composer and musician), is one of the busiest sites for royalty-free music explainer videos. It is easy to navigate, has a colorful theme, and provides you with exceptional soundtracks. It serves top brands like NASA, Toyota, Microsoft, etc. With a music library consisting of thousands of soundtracks that are bifurcated into more than 10 genres and more than 20 moods. 

  • Audio Library: 

Audio Library by YouTube is the most convenient option to download music from YouTube. It is free of cost, giving you access to thousands of royalty-free and easy-to-search soundtracks. It is easy to filter the music by mood, genre, and license type. 

  • Pond5: 

Pond5 has the world’s most massive collection of more than 5,00,000 royalty-free music for explainer videos. This collection can be filtered into different themes like meditation, orchestral, adventure, war, and many more. 

  • Storyblocks: 

Storyblocks provides unlimited access to their gigantic library of more than 1,00,000 royalty-free soundtracks. It is slightly more difficult to navigate than the previous sites mentioned. You can search by genre, mood, and instruments. 

  • Filmstro:

Filmstro not only provides access to a vast collection of royalty-free music for explainer videos but also provides the ability to create custom-made music according to the requirements of the creator. It has an intuitive dashboard with which creators can search for tracks based on moods, genres, instruments, etc. 

  • Free Music Archive: 

Free Music Archive has an interactive, open-licensed music library that offers a smooth user experience by providing a clean & quick search bar to creators for quick music search. 

  • Soundstripe: 

Soundstripe offers a subscription service providing unlimited access to their carefully curated music library. Known for its top-notch quality and intuitive interface, Soundstripe is gaining popularity as a go-to source for royalty-free music for explainer video production.

  • Artist: 

Artlist is part of an end-to-end platform for video creators featuring Artgrid and Motion Array. It has an extensive music library of more than 22,000 amazing, royalty-free soundtracks and over 27,000 sound effects categorized by modes, themes, genres, duration, beats, and instrumentals. It is serving well-known firms like Microsoft, Animal Planet, National Geographic, etc. 

  • Jamendo: 

Jamendo has an extensive collection of more than 5,00,000 royalty-free tracks composed and shared by almost 40,000 artists from over 150 countries globally. Over 100 genres and moods can be categorized. 

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We all have seen many explainer videos that have stirred up certain emotions and feelings that we then connected to that brand. One of the key factors in obtaining this response is the music of the video. Finding the right track for your explainer video can be tedious but we hope to have helped in making it easier for you. 

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