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April 15, 2024

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Are you planning to start the explainer video but need help knowing where to begin? This blog will briefly describe how to start the video journey you explained, including crafting the perfect script for your explainer video. Everything regarding the importance, role, examples, and an explainer video template will be covered in this piece. First, list your goals and brainstorm how they will achieve your video purpose. Simultaneously, it’s also essential to understand to whom your service is catering.

You must understand whether your audience wants anime-illustrated videos or prefers live-in human actions more. Lastly, it must be if you scratch out a few selective ways that your audience will remember. With this, the audience will implement it in their lives by using the product or service you offer.

Importance of Explainer Video Scripts

The backbone of a good video is a well-refined script, as it offers the outline of a video. Not just that, it also dictates the visuals that need to be created so that you get an idea of how the story is supposed to be told. With good storytelling, the viewers will be hooked to your content. It also helps viewers get an idea of what exactly your video is about. It is essential to understand that good storytelling is a must to deliver the motive of your video.

Explainer Video Script And Its Role in Conveying Information Concisely

Explainer video scripts are fictitious scripts that provide guideline narratives for explaining your service to your audience. They also ensure that everything regarding benefits, values, and key features is discussed properly.

When it comes to roles, the following are the ones that can help in conveying information in a refined manner:

Simplification of Complex Concepts

The first role of an explained video script is breaking down even a complex topic. It does so by using simple language to reach a broader audience.

Increased Retention Power

The viewer must clearly understand what is depicted in the story. The combination of visual and auditory elements can ensure this.

Audience Engagement 

With good storytelling, you hold the attention of your audience fixedly. This is because good storytelling comprises clear explanations, relatable scenarios, and refined message delivery.

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How To Write Script For Your Explainer Video?

Before writing your script, you need an explainer video outline. It would help if you got started by listing the points you plan to cover in your explainer video. Then comes the organizing part, where you must categorize the main topic and sub-topics separately and chronologically. 

The following points will explain how to write an explainer video script:

Status Quo Explanation

Under this, you need to focus on the issue that your audience is primarily dealing with. For this, an initial 10 seconds with 22-30 words is apt to send a message to your target audience.

The Solution

Now that you have addressed the problem, you can introduce your service/product as the solution to it. You need to ensure that you don’t explain all about the product in one go; instead, take some time to soft-launch it and briefly introduce your service. Ensure that you have clearly stated how the service would eradicate the problem.

Discuss How The Solution Would Help in Taming the Problem

Here, you need to mention three to four ways your service can benefit the viewers. Be sure to devote approximately 30 seconds to get a description of the benefits that your service will provide.

Reminder to Take Action

You can wrap your script by reminding your audience of what they should do to enjoy the services’ benefits. The whole point is to include a “call to action button” in your script.

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Explainer Video Script Template

The following is one of the explainer video script examples:

B2B Explainer video script example

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Critical Components of a Successful Script

The following are the critical components of a successful script:


It dictates the happening in the scenes. This is because they focus on the overall look of the scene, thereby demonstrating the characters’ movements. In a way, action plays a vital role in deciding what the audience will get to see onstage. 

If you want to emphasize specific actions, you can always underline, capitalize, or bold them. However, you must be careful to do only some of these, as they will not be as impactful as before.


Irrespective of whether the spoken dialogue is a voiceover or in-scene, it is essential to write it as dialogue. If two characters talk in simulation, you can set the character names and dialogues with one another. This concept is known as dual dialogue.


The transition from one scene to another should be smooth without losing the audience’s attention. Hence, they should be capitalized with a colon. However, the final cut to black should always be followed by a period.

In a Nutshell

Hence, when sketching an effective explainer video script, you must find a perfect balance between engagement and clarity. The main motive here is to connect with your audience by delivering a clear and crisp message. You must understand that a good script is the foundation of a successful explainer video. Whether you’re looking to educate, inform, or entertain, let Frame Makerzzz, your expert in explainer video services, help you bring your vision to life. Contact us today to get started!

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