Top 10 3D Animation Companies In India

June 6, 2024

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In this world of digitalization, 3D animation has been gaining considerable attention. 3D animation means taking digital objects and working on them so that they come to life. This is done by creating moving objects in a three-dimensional space. This entire process is known as 3D animation.

For animation, well-qualified animators are available in companies that offer animation services to their clients. So, when you choose the right animation company for your animation service, you can leverage ace-level expertise, knowledge, and experience.

Role of 3D Animation Company

When you hire a certified and well-qualified 3D animation company, you are hiring a team that will put its full efforts into enhancing your brand to get a competitive edge compared to other brands in the market. All of this is achieved after the 3D animation company plays its part in indulging well enough to get the ace level of final output throughout the entire animation process. Thus, it can be well summed up that when you hire a legit 3D animation company to get your job done, you can rest assured that you will be offered the best results.

Top 10 3D Animation Companies in India 

In 3D animation, you will feel like the objects are not only moving but also rotating and turning, as if they are objects placed in the real world, as you get a view of the object from all sides. Now that you have a fair idea of what 3D animation is let us take a look at the top 10 3D animation companies that are situated in India:

1. Frame Makerzzz 

Out of many companies, Frame Makerzzz is one of the renowned 3D animation companies. It was founded ten years back with the sheer dedication of Mr Deepak Batra and Mr Jayant. The critical factor differentiating this company is its transparency in offering services. It comprehensively communicates the services it caters to its clients. Furthermore, the company understands the essence of a strong online presence and tries its best to ensure that the clients are offered the same.

2. Deluxe

One of many renowned 3D animation companies, Deluxe is known for offering premium services to its customers. It is known for offering professionally curated videos, and Deluxe has successfully operated in 38 of the key media markets worldwide. According to the team, the company is well-equipped with approximately 7,500 qualified engineers, experts, and innovators.

3. Method Studios

This company, Method Studios, is known for the award-winning service that it offers to its clients. Some of the many clients that it offers services to our games, television, feature films, and commercial and motion graphics clients. In terms of its services, they are 3D animation and CGI, on-set supervisor, look development, and conceptual design.

4. Prime Focus Technologies 

Based in the United States of America, Prime Focus Technologies offers its customers revolutionary solutions that will further automate the content supply chain and its business. This will help lower their total cost of operations, which will, in turn, help them better manage their entire content business.

5. Yash Raj Films

In the 3D animation world, Yash Raj Films is known for making premium-quality, high-budget films for the young audience. It was founded in 1970 by the late Yash Chopra. Some of the innovations that YRF has founded include launching new faces in the industry, having a strong foothold in the world of cinema, and covering the maximum genres in cinema.

6. Digital District

The name ‘’digital district’ is not uncommon, as it is known for dealing with some of the highest-quality post-production effects. Digital District is mainly operated from Paris and Mumbai and has a subsidiary in Belgium. It is known for offering exceptional quality service to clients engaged in advertising, film production, and digital content creation.

7. Annapurna Studios

Annapurna Studios is situated in Hyderabad and spans 22 acres of land. Dr. Akkineni Nageswara Ra established this studio in 1975. The main motive for designing this studio is to quench the thirst for ever-evolving cinema. So, regardless of what you want to be included in your film, Annapurna Studios caters to your needs.

8. The Mill

Although The Mill is a production company headquartered in London, England, it has three main offices in the U.S., three in Europe, and three in Asia. The company’s owner is Technicolor Creative Studios. Pat Joseph and Robert Shenfield opened The Mill in 1990 as an advertising company. Later, it became the first-ever VFX company to use digital methods in Europe.


BOT VFX leaves no stone unturned to include the elements of scale, Distinctive Culture, and Creative Chops in their service. Ever since its inception, this company has been catering to its customers’ needs with some mind-blowing services. The company has around 500 people, and its growth is justified by its strength and growth in the animation industry.

10. Mikros Animation 

It is one of the renowned CGI animation creative studios, making it a mission to provide its clients with top-tier animation and adequate CGI services. Furthermore, Mikros Animation is known to offer front—and back-end services that cover all customers’ needs.


Thus, with updated 3D software, the top animation companies in India are dedicated to catering to the needs of clients who want a premium quality service for themselves. The animator team of the animation companies is well aware of their responsibilities, which is why they ensure that they offer a well-crafted service to their respective clients so that their diverse needs can be catered to. Hence, this was all there to know about India’s top 10 leading 3D animation companies.

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Jayant Batra, Founder and Director of Framemakerzzz, the innovative animation and video production studio. He loves animation at heart, he has the expertise and experience of over 12 years in creating eye-appealing explainer videos. Beyond the world of animation, Jayant is an avid explorer, traversing vivid and new places. He enjoys blending his passion for innovation with the latest advancements in tech.

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