Why is video the best marketing tool today?

February 10, 2021

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The fast-paced world runs on the internet and technology, which is evolving at all times. Thus, giving in a way for an enormous boost to digital platforms and media like never before. Today, it is no mystery to decipher that Videos are an in-demand medium of highly plausible content for multiple audiences. In light of the new normal amongst the current Covid pandemic, the consumer count for video viewership has boosted up to 100% by all means. That is relevant based on the recent statistics showcasing skyrocketing numbers of increased viewership on Youtube from 85% in 2019 to 98% by 2020. Simultaneously, 95% of video marketers have witnessed a jump in their traffic on websites and increased sales. 

The human brain processes visual data more effectively and quickly than written information any day. Therefore, the consumer’s engagement with videos is more evident due to the countless videos shared on social media every second around the world. 

The ratio of video content compared to the other formats has piqued way higher during the lockdown. Reasons being education, work, and other activities had to transpire digitally. This indicates accessible devices and screens in every household to every industry to carry out their desired operations online. From education & exchanges, networking & meetings, events, presentations, etc., is being carried out in the form of video.

So how is a video important for a business, you still wonder?

Businesses are conscious of their marketing budgets nowadays, and most of their investment is digital-centric. But to have an ROI-focused plan, developing videos for content marketing is a definite conversion-guaranteed source for multiple channels.

Gone are those days where elongated PPT pitches cut through the client’s interest. Video presentations are a definite stimulant that has been given high value in the market for their attention-grabbing element nowadays for business presentations. 

Additionally, traditional marketing methods include a heavy cost-inceptive but a short shelf life. Print media such as hoardings and billboards have very low visibility and are an expensive medium with a low conversion rate. In contrast, videos that are assumed to be costly is a myth. Videos back in time are also repeatedly viewed till today and can be easily forwarded in through Whatsapp and other mediums. The most significant advantage of marketing videos is customization. They can be edited or reworked to add or change products or details at any time instead of frequently producing new material. 

From Brand or product launches to How-to guides, every business has more than one reason to have a brand video/product/service/induction video. 

Even individual freelancers to bloggers, to influencers, have leveraged their visibility online by creating simple videos and monetized over a steady growth to showcase their talents and skills and convert their viewers into real customers.

The competition of the present times is determined with more number of Likes, comments, and shares. But we understand what matters most for a business is to convert the viewers into consumers and buyers.

To ensure consumer loyalty, existing brands need to keep the audience connected with strategic videos for increasing brand recall. While the newly launched businesses need to introduce themselves and penetrate in a populated market, they will need to level up their marketing game with exciting and robust narratives. 

A viewer would likely choose to believe a video testimonial than go by written comments for trusting the credibility of the brand and its service.

To avail of any new product or service, a potential consumer relies on Google, Youtube searches and reviews, etc., to identify it’s genuineness in the market.

High-quality videos always have the top preference by all digital media platforms to display their search listings for the audience.

And to get through the digital chaos, it takes more than just a video for the audience to be attracted. Consumers are receptive to visually entertaining content and are more likely to click on a video ad than an online banner ad. But what makes them last till the end of the video is the content.

Content is king if it uses storytelling and creativity at its best. With storytelling, videos strike a connection and persuade the potential viewer into a converted consumer.

To produce a video that depicts your brand story with its authenticity and immersive content, you need to trust the right source and the type of video suited for your business. Videos are very flexible in production and can be made in any form such as 2d animation, explainer video, or live-action based on business needs.

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