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December 21, 2023

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With fleeting attention spans and new algorithms at play on a daily basis, digital marketers and storytellers are required to constantly keep innovating new ways. One of the most powerful tools, visual storytelling has grown exponentially over the past few decades and explainer videos remain its most profitable enterprise. In this blog, we discover how visual storytelling plays a significant role in creating bespoke explainer videos and the advanced features you can use to create powerful and compelling explainer videos.

What Is Visual Communication:

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There are various ways people learn and retain information – auditory, visual, kinesthetic, verbal, intrapersonal, logical, social, naturalistic and so on. Amongst all these, the audio visual form makes use of images, videos, graphics,  sounds and captivating stories to hook the viewer. Linguistic, geographical and cultural differences can be transcended by this medium, making a deeper connection with the audiences, delivering complex messages in a short time effectively.

Data Visualization: 

Essentially, all audio visual communication is representation of data. No one wants to look at lengthy excel or word sheets or even ppts anymore. The more crisp, clear and easily understandable one’s message, the more effective it proves. Tools like Visual Basic, allow creators to present their data in creative and engaging formats to the viewers.  Most explainer video services use these tools and more advanced methods for better results.

Advanced Features Of Visual Storytelling

While Visual Basic is great, it is important to know more advanced tools that elevate the quality of your explainer videos. Immersive animations, dynamic transitions and interactive elements will not only make your videos more effective, but also help your audiences get a sense of participation, increasing the retaining rate. Most of these tools are used by explainer video makers to create a more engaging and memorable viewer experience, ensuring that the video is retained in their memory long after it is over. It’s just like remembering one of the best movies you watched and remembering all its dialogues.

Different Data Visualization Tools

No matter what you need, there is a tool for it. While we just spoke about how boring excel sheets are, there is a tool for converting them into simple charts too. Platforms  like Tableau and Power BI assist with presenting simple and visually appealing graphics from complex data fed into them. All you need to know is the client’s requirement, your preference and boom, there is a tool for you.

The Ease and the Rise

The days of tired, long hours in front of the screen, to create one video are now gone. Many user-friendly platforms have come up, helping creators do what they do best – creative visual storytelling. Once the idea and concept is clear, the process is much simpler now, thus helping more people create better, effective and compelling explainer videos.

Explainer Video Animation


The Retention rate of audiences and the time they spend watching a video multiplies when we add animation to explainer videos. While 3D animations have come in just in the last decade, 2D and motion graphics have been around for a long time, thus empowering creators to make appealing animated explainer videos. Animation tools do the same magic to a video that autumn and spring do to a cold winter.

Common Queries Around Explainer Videos

How Can Explainer Videos be an Effective Form of Visual Storytelling?

Combining audios, visuals and compelling narrative, explainer videos help audiences understand and retain complex information.

What is the Importance of Visual Storytelling?

Connecting on a deeper level, visual storytelling supasses all boundaries and is used globally to convey messages.

Why is Storytelling Important in Videos?

Everyone remembers their grandparents or parents telling them stories. It’s not news that human beings relate better to stories emotionally and mentally. Everything becomes more relatable and believable when shown in a story format, thus making it memorable.

How Does Visual Storytelling Contribute to Effective Communication?

Simplification of Complex Information – Better Understanding – Attention -Effective Communication. See what I did there?

What are Visual Storytelling Techniques?

Here are some visual storytelling techniques:

Compelling Visuals

From aesthetically pleasing colors and backgrounds to images that are of a high-quality, you can use compelling visuals to retain the audiences’ attention and establish a connection with them.

Narrative Arc

Exposition, rising action, climax, falling action and resolution is the preferred narrative arc by most storytellers. However, feel free to use these in the order you feel fits your video the best.

Character Development

This is mostly relevant for people making explainer videos with a specific character in mind.

Symbolism and Metaphors:

Symbols and Metaphors can help the audience connect more but this would need to be more global and not culture specific.


Typography, visual style, color schemes and design elements cannot be disturbed or changed with every frame. The transition has to be smooth. The brand identity and your connection with the audience both depend on this.

Color Psychology

It’s the same example of Mcdonalds using yellow because the color makes people hungry.

Visual Hierarchy

Prioritize the information you are displaying with a visual hierarchy.

Interactive Elements

Introduce interactive elements if applicable. From a poll to a bell icon, everything can help the audience interact with the story. Thus, increasing retention rate.

Sound and Music

The music you choose and the sound effects decide not only the entire story narrative, but also how your audiences’ emotions are impacted. Choosing the right sounds will help you invoke the emotions and feelings you want.

Text and Typography

Choose typography that complements the video only if text is extremely important. Legibility and strategic placing will go a long way in ensuring its understanding.

Choosing the Right Video Production Company in India 

Several factors like authentic reviews, previous work and a structured system for briefing, deliveries, changes and payments need to be checked when looking for an explainer video production company. Remember, always prefer agility and experience over schemes and money back guarantees.

The Advent of Explainer Video Software 

Most businesses who are just starting off with a tight budget or are looking for pocket friendly videos, have the option of explainer video software. With pre-designed templates, drag and drop functionalities and varied customization options, creating videos becomes easy. It is important to know that these videos cannot compare to skilled expertise, they never have and they never will. Simply because they are also created by humans.

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Jayant Batra, Founder and Director of Framemakerzzz, the innovative animation and video production studio. He loves animation at heart, he has the expertise and experience of over 12 years in creating eye-appealing explainer videos. Beyond the world of animation, Jayant is an avid explorer, traversing vivid and new places. He enjoys blending his passion for innovation with the latest advancements in tech.

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