10 steps to selecting the best animation studio

February 10, 2021

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When it comes to getting the best animation studio for your business, it can be a pricky task to differentiate and find the proper studio for your needs. With a growing business or a startup with long term goals, you cannot compromise on choice for building engaging, creative, and quality videos for your brand. And selecting a service provider for animation videos may seem a little tricky, but the process isn’t complicated at all. Let us help you see how you can choose the right that fits your bill.

1. Custom designers or bulk producers.

The first thing is to check out all the options that the animation studio has to offer. Compare the different services they offer. At the same time, beware of scams. Because most of the low-cost animation videos available today work on the ready stock templates and look almost similar to the previous ones. Choosing the right animation studio will make your startup stand out from the herd and remain true to its style. Ask the animation studio that you plan to partner with for absolute customization. From the theme to color, sounds, make sure that every part of your animated video is customized to your requirements.

2. Experience

The next thing you need to do is check for in an animation studio is the team’s technical knowledge. With several animation studios in the market today, there is every chance that you would land up with a team of beginners. This will make your entire journey a struggle. Choose wisely and try interacting with the team in person or at least via videoconferencing. Scrutinize their expertise and the background of clients they have catered to before. An animation studio with many videos under their portfolio from diverse industries compared to videos from a freelancer or a new studio will reflect the level of expertise and the establishment’s driving force.

3. Experience in your industry

You may wonder how you could evaluate their efficiency or quality of work? To examining as an outsider or a client from a different industry, you could begin with the basics of looking at animated videos of your business and niche. See what piques your interest, and also among the videos produced by the company. Do they resonate with your choice, or are there videos created for the clients of your industry?

Every animation studio has its strengths and foundation of building videos for specific niches along their journey from the start. As they make it over time, you shall see their portfolio displays videos from various industries. Although it is not necessary to always go by a studio working for your industry, some studios can have a different take or unique ideas to offer solutions for your enterprise as a bonus, even without prior experience for the same. That will help you save time if the studio is aware of building solutions for a brand like yours.

4. Appropriate work reel

An array of videos produced for a diverse niche shall display their experience in a given tenure compared to a few videos as freshers’ portfolios. The eligibility of a professional animation studio is exhibited through the work reel of the company. Whether they have success stories on impacting brand goals with their videos for the clients, their skillset to the quality presentation is imperative to building a bond between the brand and the viewer. 

5. Team strength 

Visiting their work station is another way to check if the team you are looking forward to is entirely in-house or whether they outsource their jobs. The number of employees to the team’s quality to be hired plays a crucial role in defining its productive status. It gives you a clear projection of their availability and promptness to respond to your queries. That would help you derive the team’s strengths in video production, be it in character designs, good illustration skills, 2D, 3D animation, etc. Which, in turn, provides you definite confidence in their project completion ratios and turnaround timelines. 

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6. Flexible

To dig further to understand whether the studio you are about to hire is the right pick for you, check their flexibility. Ask questions about the promptness, amiability, and the nature of work the team offers. Do they help make changes or work according to the timelines? Do they provide add-on services to build customized solutions for you?

All these tests will help you reach a step closer to an animation studio suited for you.

7. Their clients

A clientele of a company describes much about the professional approach and standards of the company itself. The client portfolio represents the range of market niches and industries they have catered to. The studio’s client list & portfolio represents its competence for customer-relationship from quality to quantity. A brand building journey goes hand-in-hand with retaining a service; thus, always lookout for a potential studio that you can maintain for the long run by helping you achieve your goals and help your brand scale up. This also helps your costs become feasible, and the studio can work in alignment with your production budgets. 

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8. Reviews 

 The next best way to scrutinize and select the best animation studio is to look for testimonials. Check for their social media page or website and try interacting with their previous clients to know their work quality. Also, check for the animation studio’s impact on the previous clients’ brand name and sales. Customer testimonials are a reliable source to decide whether the company is a good fit for you. The ones looking at diligent service would not hesitate to provide you the same. 

9. Social Media & Website presence

In the digital era, it is primary to have an online presence. Businesses having a virtual existence are taken seriously. It is a standard protocol for any business to visit the website to know more about the studio or a service provider. That being said, content is produced for digital marketing purposes as a standalone media running the audience. Thus, a social media activation is one of the set objectives of every business today. To find creative insights and the animation studio’s progressive growth, one must look into their website and social media handles, which surely would count as one factor in making your decision.

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10. Price

The price-point is always one of the critical factors to select the appropriate service provider. When an animation studio offers you to make a video at a low cost, understand that it would not be unique or hiring inferior talent. The animation is not a low-cost option. Creating a standard and simple video would cost you a few thousands to lakhs. It is the uniqueness that builds a brand name. And that derives from having an appropriate budget in hand. Though the budget is a factor to be considered, make sure you don’t compromise on the output quality. Spending a few extra bucks for quality animated videos is acceptable. 

These are just a few golden factors you need to understand before picking an animation studio for your firm. Remember, it is the brand name and the future of your firm that you are working with. Do a complete research and check the comprehensive background to make sure you find the best animation studio to help you out. If you wish to dive further with us, contact us here.

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